Jonathan Roach

name My name is Jonathan and I am a Staff Support Officer of 16 years experience with a major UK and international employer. My role is to offer information, support, counselling and resources to help people to work and live more effectively, and my personal interest is in promoting peace, health and harmony in our lives and relationships. Total peace and spiritual bliss await you at

Sectrets of Remote Viewing - Succeed Today with Binaural Beats?

31st July 2009
Remote viewing is the amazing ability to view events at a totally separate location from where you physically are. Your mind is immensely powerful and can view situations at any location that you can imagine, and it can travel instantly at the speed of th... Read >

Mastering Astral Projection? - Using Binaural Beats for Deep Easy Meditation Trance

19th July 2009
A conscious astral projection experience is truly an amazing and an enlightening experience. We see that our consciousness exists quite naturally even when entirely separate from our sometimes frail and mortal shells, but most of have though that masterin... Read >