Sectrets of Remote Viewing - Succeed Today with Binaural Beats?

Published: 31st July 2009
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Remote viewing is the amazing ability to view events at a totally separate location from where you physically are. Your mind is immensely powerful and can view situations at any location that you can imagine, and it can travel instantly at the speed of thought.

Many of us have probably done this during sleep time, but the skill and secret of remote viewing is to be able to control and direct your thoughts to the desired location whilst in a very relaxed but conscious state. This was once considered supernatural or paranormal, but more recently law enforcement agencies have found that they are able to use the technique in solving crimes, and consequently science is taking more notice and investigating further.

To understand how remote viewing works we need to understand how our brain responds to certain frequencies that it detects on a continuing basis. Its normal function mode is the beta frequency, and when this is detected the brain continues with normal functions. However when an alpha frequency is detected the brain will respond with meditation mode.

The optimum frequency for remote viewing is mid delta, which our brain can achieve quite easily but we are normally in deep slumber by the time it does! Never mind the mind can still be activated at this stage for remote viewing purposes! The manipulation of these frequencies might not be difficult for a trained expert or scientist, but it would normally be virtually impossible for the average person to control this phenomena. Binaural beats recordings will help you overcome this obstacle quickly and easily, because the gentle rhythmical sounds will guide you brain to the required frequency whilst you are relaxing and listening with headphones. Once you are tuned to correctly you can view anything you desire even though it may be thousands of miles away.

The binaural beat recording is precisely calibrated for the desired outcome, and will start by guiding your mind to mid delta range to enable the remote viewing, and this will later be followed by low theta range, a smooth and tranquil experience, enabling you to feel totally calm and at peace. Then, as your session comes towards an end your mind will experience the alpha range, ensuring that you are completely relaxed and refreshed upon completion.

Binaural beats are safe and very pleasant to use, and individual recording are designed for specific purposes. They also enhance your psychic abilities again by guiding your mind to the precise frequency - quite simple really when you have the tools and you know how to use them. People are naturally skeptical at first, but once they experience the gentle process and the powerful affect, you will feel blessed that you are able to achieve the meditative mind states within minutes, that meditation masters took years of dedication and practice to achieve.

Relax and enjoy!

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